45.Gedicht; Goodbye victorious england!©Frank Sander, 26.11.2018

Goodbye victorious england!      

you were at our side                       

we wanted to lead Europe            

to unity, peace and delight!  

Do well optimistic england      

separately we seek our luck      

have not reached an really agreement  

our enemies find that good!

Goodbye victorious england!    

you have your own dream-your own task  

so we are related-but different,           

the people not even get asked!

Goodbye England; rose

may you ever grow in our hearts

you were the grace that placed itself

where friendships were torn apart!

Goodbye you beautiful england

it is sad for us that you go

you were a good neighbor tenant

in our european home! 

Goodbye victorious england!

we hope that we see us again

roll up the world then together

in friendship again and again!


Are there any questions?

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